bruno at tracciabi.li bruno at tracciabi.li
Thu Jan 11 13:33:04 UTC 2018

"Cornelia S." <cornelia.sulzbach at protonmail.com> ha scritto:

> With all talk of a code of conduct, this ist the result:
> https://blogs.fsfe.org/majestyx/2018/01/07/sold-out-majestyx-goes-to-chaos/#more-335
> It is shameful, this coming from the FSFE.

Google translate doesn't do a great de->en translation, and english is  
not my first language. The only "shameful" event I was able to make  
out is that according to majestyx an FSFE employee and staff member  
with a "boss" t-shirt wanted to deny access to the FSFE booth to  

https://twrh.noblogs.org ~ printf "%X\n" 44203

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