ITU-T X.509, security token, PAdES and software freedom

Adonay Felipe Nogueira adfeno at
Mon Jan 8 15:04:29 UTC 2018

Hi all,

Someone in another mailing list inspired me to ask the following

1. Are there free/libre device firmware and kernel driver/modules that
   allow interacting with security tokens that follow the ITU-T X.509
   standard?  If yes, which ports they use (/e.g./: USB, custom one)?

2. Are there free/libre programs that can pass/manage these signatures
   (such as locking, unlocking, and so on) to the top-level/user-facing
   applications? Or did I misunderstand something and XAdES/CAdES/PAdES
   don't need a dedicated manager in order to work?

One year ago I organized an event in Brazil where, during the break, one
of the speakers told me that one of the issues we now have in free/libre
software and public administration is that there doesn't seen to exist
software freedom when dealing with ITU-T X.509, security tokens and
XAdES/CAdES/PAdES ([1]). However, recently in a mailing list that
*appears to be* about free/libre software in Brazil, someone asked more
or less the same question ([2]), and I wonder if the situation has



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