impact of Gmail's "promotions" tab on free software communities

Adonay Felipe Nogueira adfeno at
Mon Feb 12 11:07:52 UTC 2018

> - are people consciously talking about the problem in other communities?

Yes, and I think I also talked about this in "android" mailing list of
FSFE, although I discussed the broader problem of recommending only some
nodes of federated networks specifically simply because of personal
preference or usage --- /i.e./: without clear rules for inclusion.

> - given the high percentage of people using Gmail, would it be
> reasonable to take countermeasures, for example, when somebody registers
> for an event, refusing to let them use a gmail address and giving them a
> link to a page with more details about the problem?

At least in the Hyperbola mailing lists, I recall that they opted to
block subscriptions that come from the known federation offenders, but
not dueo to federation issues, but due to privacy, see [1][2].

> - is there any particularly good web page we can point people to
> explaining the Gmail problem and giving them a concise list of
> alternatives so they can migrate quickly?

Point to the references under "Further details" in [1].

[1] <>.

[2] In [1], the links in "Further details" were given by me. Also, the
one from FSF is updated now.

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