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Hi Björn,

# Bjoern Schiessle [2018-02-08 15:51 +0100]:
> If we want to test it seriously we need to advertise it to people who
> want to discuss FSFE activities and Free Software topic but prefer
> other tools like email. As long as it is in testing we can add a
> disclaimer that discussions at can disappear at any
> time in case the test run is not successful.

I completely agree. For the PMPC campaign I thought about using
Discourse to be more open to non-technical people (who often prefer
mailing lists, like I do) but the platform wasn't ready for a
"production" usage yet. If we have a bunch of people using (and testing
and error reporting) such a service, I think the move to make it more
official is easier.

I like the idea of including a banner or another kind of note at the top
of the page with the information that this isn't "official" yet. It may
also motivate users to create bug reports.


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