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Bjoern Schiessle schiessle at
Thu Feb 8 14:51:42 UTC 2018

Hi Max,

while I agree with you in general, I see a small problem here:

On Thu, 08 Feb 2018 12:02:02 +0100 Max Mehl wrote:
> Discourse could work similarly. It has been set up by a group of
> volunteers and we gave them a free hand. Later it might serve as a
> communication platform for a specific campaign or activity, and if we
> will make good experiences, other groups and parts of the organisation
> might think about picking it up for their activities, potentially now
> as an "official" service.

While git could be tested quite isolated for a few projects, small
websites, etc, a discussion platform like Discourse can only be tested
if enough people know it and participate.

I almost completely stopped looking at, simply
because I know nothing happens there. I posted a link to a blog some
time ago, but of course no discussion happened because simply nobody
knows that exists.

If we want to test it seriously we need to advertise it to people who
want to discuss FSFE activities and Free Software topic but prefer
other tools like email. As long as it is in testing we can add a
disclaimer that discussions at can disappear at any
time in case the test run is not successful.


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