[GA] who is a member?

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.pro
Tue Feb 6 22:19:38 UTC 2018

On 06/02/18 20:37, Jonas Oberg wrote:
> Hi Werner,
>> Right feedback seems to be welcome, but discussion is done behind closed
>> doors.  With today's words of a board member to the members only list:
> To be clear, these words are mine:
>>   Regardless of what we individually think about our structure (and you
>>   know I have strong opinions on this too), let's keep that discussion
>>   *here*, between the members. No change will come from discussions
>>   about this elsewhere. Any change comes from us, here.
> That was written for the voting members of the FSFE, to convey to them that
> they are indeed responsible for changing the FSFE. And that it doesn't
> matter what is discussed on other mailing lists: here, fsfe-de, or
> elsewhere. For any change to happen, the voting members of the FSFE need
> to act and be convinced change is needed, and agree on the direction.
> This was not intended to limit discussion. It was an attempt to convey to
> the voting members that they, and no one else, has the responbility for
> actually making changes to our structure, and that they should take that
> responsibility seriously. Changes which, I believe, both you and I would
> support, Werner.
This is why it is so important for us to determine if anybody else may
either have achieved the status of being a member by completing the
"Join the FSFE" form or if anybody feels that they or somebody in their
team or local group should be accepted as a GA member by following the
process described here:


Anybody who has contributed significant time to FSFE as a volunteer
should read that page carefully and decide if they want to have a vote
on these changes.

As I am not an ordinary member of the GA, rather, I am a fellowship
representative, I try to consider the views of all fellows, supporters
and volunteers and not just my own views when communicating with the
GA.  I have written on the GA list that I believe these changes require
wider discussion, which may include mailing list discussion, surveys and
potentially another real-world meeting like the summit we had in 2016 or
the community gathering.  Even if other members of the community are not
able to vote on FSFE's constitution, I will try to listen to what people
say in all these forums and bring that to the GA for you.

I would also ask people not to judge Jonas' comments too harshly, it is
not uncommon for people to write things quickly on the GA list without
thinking of all the ways they could be interpreted.  Nonetheless,
whichever way you interpret his comment, it is clear that people need to
consider who else may have earned the right to have a voice and a vote.



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