[GA] who is a member?

Jonas Oberg jonas at fsfe.org
Tue Feb 6 20:37:48 UTC 2018

Hi Werner,

> Right feedback seems to be welcome, but discussion is done behind closed
> doors.  With today's words of a board member to the members only list:

To be clear, these words are mine:

>   Regardless of what we individually think about our structure (and you
>   know I have strong opinions on this too), let's keep that discussion
>   *here*, between the members. No change will come from discussions
>   about this elsewhere. Any change comes from us, here.

That was written for the voting members of the FSFE, to convey to them that
they are indeed responsible for changing the FSFE. And that it doesn't
matter what is discussed on other mailing lists: here, fsfe-de, or
elsewhere. For any change to happen, the voting members of the FSFE need
to act and be convinced change is needed, and agree on the direction.

This was not intended to limit discussion. It was an attempt to convey to
the voting members that they, and no one else, has the responbility for
actually making changes to our structure, and that they should take that
responsibility seriously. Changes which, I believe, both you and I would
support, Werner.

Jonas Öberg
Executive Director

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