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Mat Witts admin at yuj.it
Tue Feb 6 00:58:18 UTC 2018

> I am sorry. This is one sentence?

Yes. Well observed. If you also notice it was a response to Florian's
invitation to 'elaborat[e] a little bit about your experience?'.

The request was a bit vague but

I wrote in good faith about my experience as requested. This included
some irritation which I conveyed in the way you observed. I was writing
from that point of view, a sense of irritation with how I think the FSFE
could do better, not from the perspective of trying to get a prize for
literature. If I hadn't been asked about 'my experience' I would not
have said any more about it since I find personal experience at times an
unreliable indicator of what perhaps needs to be done next - and yet
sometimes it's all we have - so I accepted the challenge.

Still on the subject of my personal experience then - it feels odd to be
asked to offer to help and then be criticized for trying to help! If I
had been asked to write an academic essay or a more reflective opinion
piece using simple English or Esperanto then I may have done so too, but
feeling judged on tone and grammar alone when the context is all about
me being asked to offer my personal experience in a mailing list is a
bit excessive too, don't you think?

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