[GA] who is a member?

Mat Witts admin at yuj.it
Mon Feb 5 12:09:24 UTC 2018

> Today we had a poster near our FOSDEM booth saying "Join us at the Funky Monkey", and indeed a nice bunch of people met in that pub. I didn't have the impression that any of them felt having become a formal member of the legal association by following the invitation to join.
Small sample bias? The thing to do would be to try to collect data on
whether or not the membership more broadly understand their position as
'member'? I have left the FSFE because (among other things) there
appears to be multiple levels of practical engagement with policy (which
is fine) but it is based on a rather obscure set of policies concerning
what membership means (which is not fine).

If words matter at all to us, (and they do to me) it seems timely to
think about how the concepts of fellowship/membership/sponsorship are
being transmitted, since new engagements on the level of governance will
be crucial to the effectiveness of the organization. This would help to
avoid nasty surprises for everyone later down the line when they find
out (like I have) that the words the FSFE like to use don't match my
expectations when I do get the time to delve into the internal politics
of the organization.

/ mat    

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