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Florian Snow floriansnow at
Mon Feb 5 11:06:53 UTC 2018

Hi Daniel,

Daniel Pocock <daniel at> writes:
> It is quite simple to explain:
> - the funds from fellowship/supporters pay the salaries and other major
> expenses (over 50% of the budget comes from fellowship/supporter donations)
> - but the fellowship/supporters only have 2 votes in the GA (and none
> after the change), although some GA members are also
> fellowship/supporter members too

I am not sure if a financial contribution alone warrants a voice in the
GA.  What about other donors, such as Google:  Should they get a vote in
the GA?  Don't get me wrong:  I want the community to have a say in what
direction the FSFE moves in, but I am not sure that financial
contribution is the right criterion.  That is something I would like to
define more clearly and then I see a good way forward to remove the
Fellowship seats and tell the community as a whole, not just financial
contributors how they can gain more influence within our organization.

Happy hacking!

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