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Thu Feb 1 00:16:57 UTC 2018

One way out of these bad practices is perhaps making use of either GNU
Guix ([1]) --- which is a package manager that has roll-backs, aims for
reproducible builds, avoids bundling and empowers the end-user because
it can be used even in non-root, besides it can be installed in any
system distribution that has most basic tools from the GNU project ---
or GuixSD ([1]) --- a system distribution which uses GNU Guix as package
manager and also GNU Shepherd as service/daemon manager.

[1] <>.

2018-01-31T21:19:27+0100 Carsten Agger wrote:
> I was thinking that this warning might in fact apply to my own
> practices. I don't really work in JavaScript, but I'm using a lot of
> Python packages in my day-to-day, and I almost never install them from
> Debian packages.
> Why not?
> * Versions. Often the packaged versions of Django, Plone, and a lot of
> others, are outdated. People normally don't install these things from
> Debian packages. Plone has its buildout system which pulls stuff from
> PyPI and other repositories, and for Django applications I always use
> pip against PyPI for installing.
> * Non-root install. When using pip and virtualenv, everything can be
> installed locally. This also means you can fix things in the source
> code without having or using root access.
> * Multiple installs - you can have multiple versions of the same
> package in non-root environments on the same host - something Django &
> Plone sites use really a lot.
> So there's actually good reasons not to use Python libraries through
> Debian packages. I imagine the same is the case for JavaScript
> libraries, not least regarding the necessity of having several
> different versions coexist in the same OS install.
> *On the other hand*, I do realize that if a key dependency suddenly
> goes missing on PyPI, the applications will break. But I don't think
> the correct solution for that is to use the Debian package except in
> very specific circumstances - building an in-house mirror of the
> dependencies would seem to work better. Or what do you think?
> Best
> Carsten
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