who has time for the GA? (was: terminating memberships responsibly)

Stefan Uygur ostendali at gmail.com
Fri Aug 31 10:33:24 UTC 2018

Thanks Bernhard for your prompt reply.

I know and have been part of communities like FSFE for the last 20+ yrs and
represented some of them as president. So I will leave it to your
imagination how many episodes like this one I have come across.

I am not criticizing FSFE, even though there are things that requires
attention regardless.

However, I find it very obsolete this approach of arguing back and forth in
the ML. Noisy and time wasting, I can't even read them as they are really
tiring mentally. This makes it really difficult to follow in a ML list
where there are numbers of people subscribed but only a few can understand
and follow the discussion. Especially when you have 4 threads discussing
about the exact same thing...

There are some points (few only) where I am in agreement with Daniel and
for all of the rest I disagree of course, including the

However, the president has the sole duty to intervene and respond to these
"let's call it accusations". By delegating them you do nothing but running
away from the problem(s). At the end, FSFE is small organization, not a
large one where president is super busy doing who knows what. He has been
called specifically several times and if he can't give his feedback, well,
there is not much to say and at this point I'd agree in calling his
resignation due to being not capable of handling issues and/or representing
this organization.

Daniel has always been noisy since the beginning and if any of you remember
I publicly was against his election and did not vote (you can dig this in
the ML history so don't let raise another issue here:-)) but, as I
mentioned, he has some good points. They are only points and require
explanations that's all.

To my knowledge and experience, the president of the community and/or the
organization responds to these sort of calls, upon discussion with his/her
team of course.

Said that, can we now close all 3-4 (not sure how many they were/are)
threads pls with one simple and clear feedback from boards (considering the
president gives no signs of life)?

All the best.


On Fri, Aug 31, 2018 at 11:06 AM Bernhard E. Reiter <bernhard at fsfe.org>

> Hi Stefan,
> Am Freitag 31 August 2018 09:59:32 schrieb Stefan Uygur:
> > can the legal representative of FSFE
> > answer to these questions once for all pls?
> it is not that easy, as it is okay to critise us, FSFE,
> its president and members in principle and some of the points are raised
> as
> general questions.
> Note that several members of the e.V. have raised their voice meanwhile
> including Torsten, Reinhard, Mirko and myself. We are a part of the gruip
> who
> legally are responsible in the end for the e.V., though we do not
> represent
> it directly.
> Best Regards,
> Bernhard
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