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Am Mittwoch 29 August 2018 23:03:41 schrieb Daniel Pocock:
> Do you notice how in my own message, I made significant effort to avoid
> being personal: instead of a focus on Bernhard's situation, I draw upon
> a mixed set of examples from multiple people. 

this I appreciate.

However the problem with current discussion is that there is an implicit 
accusation of wrongdoing by the other member of the e.V. and you have 
connected it with how you have been handled personally. This is why Harald 
and Reinhard pointed out that your visible argument about deficits in the 
structure do not match up with opportunities that you have let pass to bring 
in your perspective. 

> - this type of thing (and your message is a great example) seems to be
> happening a lot with electronic communications.  It also seems to happen
> far more frequently on the private mailing lists, that is one of the
> reason I'm using public channels.  So you actually help demonstrate what
> I wrote and I thank you for doing so as I didn't want to start picking
> out examples like this that were sent privately on the GA list

To me the other way round makes sense: On a public mailing list, it is much 
harder to put things in perspective, get to understand, to be understood
and to be treated fairly as a person.

As you have started the public discussion here, there is some personal aspect 
to it happening that needs a public response. Right now I blieve the ways of 
working between you and a large majority of e.V. member and some others 
within FSFE have shown to be incompatible that it now would be better if
we just end that relationship for good.

I don't want to go into the details in public because they are personal of 
course. But there maybe occasions we have to, if there are public explicit or 
implicit accusations. 

> - what do you think about the general issue of the "life term" in the
> GA?  How do we avoid the organization becoming stale and ensure the
> people with the most energy and time to commit are able to get properly
> engaged in governance, attend meetings, propose motions or nominate for
> office?

I agree that is a challenge and it will continue to be.
(Right now we do not have a "life term" and we do not want to have a 
state "democracy", because we don't know who the "demos" is and we don't have 
forced "membership".)

Best Regards,

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