supporting our fellowship representative

Daniel Pocock daniel at
Wed Aug 29 20:57:18 UTC 2018

On 28/08/18 23:04, Christian Kalkhoff wrote:
> As I used more and more of those services to help spread the word about Free 
> Software in Munich and Southern Germany, I was really encouraged and supported 
> by those very employees to request what we/I needed. A significant part of 
> this support came from our today's president, who IMHO would have been a lot 
> faster up the ladder outside of FSFE, if this was his objective. 

That is the whole problem: we have people who have done some very good
work and I wouldn't have been a contributor if I didn't see that.  When
something bad like this happens, it is hard for anybody to believe it.

Nonetheless, it is there in the notice of meeting and the minutes.

If you look at any of the significant resignations of CEOs or political
leaders, it is usually the same pattern: they have done many good things
but then they made one miscalculation and they have to go for the good
of the organization.

Somebody else then gets to have a turn at leading and they may also make
a really strong contribution too.

Notice that in this case, there is quantifiable evidence that the number
of fellows has been falling since they were told they are only
"supporters".  These reports are not public but I've seen them on the
private lists.  If you combine that with the handling of the elections,
it is a big enough miscalculation that the talk of a resignation is well
within reason.  In any organization with a genuine democracy, there
would already be at least one other person campaigning for the role of
president right now.



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