please be excellent to each other (Re: application for FSFE e.V. membership and resignati)

Max Mehl max.mehl at
Wed Aug 29 14:46:49 UTC 2018

# Erik Albers [2018-08-29 11:22 +0200]:
> 3) most important: the vast majority of the FSFE members voted for another
>    motion. A motion to  keep you in office for the whole 2 year-term!
> Everybody can read this in the offical minutes:
> 	"The current Fellowship representatives' membership ends as soon as
> 	the constitutional change is successfully registered, or 2 years after
> 	their election, whichever comes later."

It is noteworthy that this was the least restrictive option the GA has
voted for. It also allows the second representative, Mirko, to stay
longer than his 2-years term. So I cannot really understand the riot
Daniel is trying to start here based on this option. The GA did not
"stab you in the back". But I start to think that you are actually doing
everything in your power to provoke GA members by poisoning the FSFE's
discussion culture...

>> This looks like another attempt at censorship, this time trying to use
>> the code of conduct as justification.
> No, it is not. If you trespass our community rules and I kindly ask you to
> stop it, this is not censorship! Just as it is not intolerant if someone does
> not tolerate offending behaviour.
> Actually, speaking up and making myself target of your aggressive language
> unfortunately becomes more and more an act of courage. Your offensive language
> has a chilling effect on our discussions and I represent a silent majority who
> simply feels threaten to object your messages.

Thank you for saying that, Erik. I personally feel the same. It makes me
want to avoid reading and participating in any conversation on this
list. That's the opposite of what any of us should strive for.


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