application for FSFE e.V. membership and resignation

Jonas Öberg jonas at
Wed Aug 29 09:35:46 UTC 2018

Hi Daniel,

I'm not subscribed to this list, so I didn't see your email until it was forwarded to me. However, as you're indirectly implicating me in your comments, I would like the opportunity to respond in the same thread:

> With well over half of the funds now coming from the corporate sector
> and the two most senior staff enjoying lengthy periods of paternity
> leave in 2018, people are also asking whether it is reasonable for
> volunteers to contribute their time and personal funds at all.

One of the senior staff you mention in this ought to be me. I have been, and am, on parental leave. I am not, however, employed by the FSFE any more, and for all practical purposes, I've not been employed by the FSFE since my parental leave started. The FSFE pays neither salary nor make any other contribution to staff who's on parental leave.

Separately, I think it's excellent to see the corporate sector giving back to the community to fund the FSFE. I would hope more corporations would do the same.


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