who has time for the GA? (was: terminating memberships responsibly)

Reinhard Müller reinhard at fsfe.org
Wed Aug 29 09:22:16 UTC 2018

Am 2018-08-29 um 11:05 schrieb Daniel Pocock:
> If you don't have time to meet people personally, it is inevitable there
> will be some misunderstandings in electronic communications, especially
> for those trying to squeeze too many things into their life.

... says the person who didn't attend any of the two General Assemblies
he was invited to, because, well, he had no time.

Yes, I do fully agree that a lot of misunderstandings, name-calling,
mud-throwing and wasted time could have been avoided if only you had
tried to talk to people (in person or by email) before making complaints
or accusations in the public.

Reinhard Müller * Financial Team
Free Software Foundation Europe

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