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Am Dienstag 28 August 2018 17:32:20 schrieb Michael Kesper:
> Real membership was invite-only and restricted to about a dozen people.
> Nowadays everyone can apply for it.

note that Michael writes about the formal membership of the e.V. which is a 
legal backbone of the FSFE (but not identical to it). It was always the case 
that formally everyone could apply. And it does make sense to only admit 
some, because carrying the responsibilities demands some time and dedication.
Both hasn't really changed.

Our "fellowship representative" initiative worked out in that we've got to 
know a few people a lot better and they got to know the FSFE inner working 
better. And we want this to happen with more people (which does not work out 
with how the initiative was turning out) and people can apply for this.

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