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Hi Paul,

Am Dienstag 28 August 2018 14:30:22 schrieb Paul Boddie:
> In effect, searching for the legal filings for non-profit/tax-exempt
> organisations should yield salary information. It is possible that some
> salary details do not have to be reported on an individual basis, but under
> the regime applying to the two organisations featured above, I would expect
> that FSFE directors' salaries would need to be indicated.

there are number of differences how non-profit organisations for the public 
benefit have to be organised and are controlled from the US and Europe, 
especially Germany. I am not an expert on those differences, I guess they 
stem from a different balance between privacy and public right and duty.

In Germany an association (an "eingetragenger Verein" (e.V.)) can be 
tax-except and there are members that are responsible to control the actions 
of the associations, which is also checked by the tax office. Care is taken 
that that members cannot just give themself money. A balance has to be 
registered with the court, but no individual salaries. It makes sense to me 
that if you do not have the controlling structure of en e.V. it makes sense 
to list individual salaries. But if you have it - like in Germany - it makes 
sense to not demand publication of some of those details.

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