Salary details (was Re: supporting our fellowship representative)

Paul Boddie paul at
Tue Aug 28 12:30:22 UTC 2018

On Tuesday 28. August 2018 11.09.09 Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> Am Dienstag 28 August 2018 10:18:11 schrieb lukerogers at
> > The FSFE transparency pages are hilarious.  FSFE chose the transparency
> > checklist from Transparency International because it lets them have
> > transparency credentials but their checklist doesn't ask to publish the
> > salaries like the FSF and other groups. 
> Can you supply the link to the salary lists of those organisations?
> (A quick search could't find it. Is there also information to place this
> salary in comparison what people in the same place and position would get?)

For the FSF, you'll find the salaries of directors in the following:

(Interesting that they have some Neo FreeRunners still, and a "bagel cart" 
which I had to look up. I don't envy the job of people having to make these 

This is closer to what I've seen for the FSFE:

Similarly, for Software Freedom Conservancy, the information of interest is 

In effect, searching for the legal filings for non-profit/tax-exempt 
organisations should yield salary information. It is possible that some salary 
details do not have to be reported on an individual basis, but under the 
regime applying to the two organisations featured above, I would expect that 
FSFE directors' salaries would need to be indicated.

There are other points in Luke's mail that are worth discussing, but I think 
it is helpful to focus on this particular topic separately.


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