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Tue Aug 28 08:18:11 UTC 2018

What I'm reading in this mailing list is scary

I never saw an association cancel the elections.  Is that legal?

I want to give my full support to Daniel Pocock and commend him for his tenacity in the pursuit of transparency and truth.  It looks like the GA is full of yes-men but Pocock is the fiercely independent advocate that us fellows need.

If somebody isn't happy about the job Pocock does then instead of making insults and character assassinations, run for election against him.  But you are all afraid Pocock or somebody else like him would be voted again by the silent majority, you abolished the elections.  How pathetic you all are.

No more elections?  My fellowship contribution isn't going to FSFE next year, give the money to a local group where everything is done by volunteers and not careerists in Berlin.

The FSFE transparency pages are hilarious.  FSFE chose the transparency checklist from Transparency International because it lets them have transparency credentials but their checklist doesn't ask to publish the salaries like the FSF and other groups.  Top marks to Pocock for exposing that in his thread on transparency.  Keep it up.

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