to git or not to git

Duncan dguthrie at
Mon Aug 27 21:47:00 UTC 2018

With remote git repository hosting we have many options.

You could self-host gogs or gitlab, or use many of the public instances
of these, e.g. or Or just host good old cgit
somewhere safe. Or indeed keep using github as a place/mirror to put
code. But with repository hosting we have a lot of choice - in the end I
suppose it depends what you want to put there and what you want to be

Best wishes.

Alessandro Rubini:
> This is the question. Or, better, to github or not to github.
> Once upon a time, github was a bad hosting site, because the site code
> is not free, and we should have rather preferred gitorious.  I
> did. But then gitorious closed shop and I had to go to the various
> projects (hosted elsewhere) that had submodules and make a commit to
> change the link.  Not many projects, I admit, but still an unpleasant
> operation. Besides, all past history is now broken because of the
> dangling submodule link.  I'm able to bisect anyways, but will my user
> be able too?  And this problem is replicated for all repo owners. Not
> nice.
> So, besides self-hosting (unfeasible for whole-kernel repos) I moved
> to github. Well, not using it other than as a git repo why should I
> care that the code (that I do not use) is not free?  Maybe because I
> contribute visibility to that specific unfree provider, but they were
> "friendly" guys.
> Now, they are microsoft. Same people. Same site. Different owner,
> different money-flow.  Shall I (we) change attitude? Most smart people
> say no, that nothing changed. I'm aware the new owner is not worse
> than most other companies -- but they are the same ones who wanted to kill
> us out of the market, before turning into friends who still would love
> if we disappeared.
> So, I feel a little uneasy, and I'm now wondering where to push my
> yet-unpushed projects (while keeping previous stuff on github for
> several reasons -- mostly link-rusting issues).
> How does the free software community feels in this respect?
> thanks
> /alessandro
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