Isn't this the right time to be at least as active in the FLOSS social networks as we are in the proprietary ones?

Gergely gergely at
Sat Apr 21 13:05:16 UTC 2018

Dear All,

For a long time, I’m planning to bring on the issue here that several
accounts of Free Software related projects, communities, people,
companies, etc. are quite active on proprietary social network but
barely active or not active at all on the decentralized Free Software
based ones.

Now that #DeleteFacebook hashtag is trending and the diaspora*
federation doubled its active users in the past weeks (see,, I do believe that it is a right time to
finally fix this issue and all of us be at least as active on these
decentralized Free Software based social networks as we are on the
proprietary ones.

So please, if you post with some regularity on twitter, facebook, etc.
post the same thing also on one of the decentralized Free Software based
networks. It is not difficult to do that, but it can have a significant
impact on when Free Software will finally also triumph in the sector of
social networks.

Also please pass on this idea and encourage others to do the same. (You
know, if I only convince 2 people now but each of them also convinces 2
people, etc. then in just 37 steps we will convince more people than
that are ever lived on Earth
;-) Seriously, I alone can only convince a couple of people but together
we can convince a lot and start a real social media Liberation movement

Thank you!


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