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On 04/04/18 09:56, Theo Schmidt wrote:
> Am 23.03.2018 um 17:48 schrieb Florian Snow:
> ...
>> On a sidenote, I think Facebook is a symptom of a privacy issue we as a
>> society have, but one that is currently starting to fail.  Not because
>> people realized it tracks them, but because they are choosing to be
>> tracked by someone else.  A lot of young people do not use Facebook
>> anymore, they use Snapchat and the likes and that is why Facebook had to
>> buy Whatsapp - to stay relevant.
> But Whatsapp belongs to Facebook as well! As does also Instagram.

But didn't fb get in trouble,  about the way data was shared between
these sites,  and told it can't do that.   It is perhaps worth having a
presence oj FB simply to highlight any action against them weather about
privacy or even policy changes,  so that people following are kept up
to  date,  the more people read about these subjects the more they will
hopefully engage and think about the issues.  Court action,  cases and
rulings are important no matter how small they seem.   FB are not going
to highlight these things,k  it is up to uses to force these issues to
trending and the FSFE et al can do that. 

FB has changed their policy as a result of what CA have been doing, but
that should never end the matter we need to keep this in the public
view,    a little but like what the groups in the US campaigning for
better gun controls and background checks,   if you drop the topic, 
people forget it very quickly.   If computer science is about
questioning how something works,  we need to get people asking
questions,  even to themselves about what are they sharing,  do they
need to share that etc.

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