Good examples where Free Software was used in development countries

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Fri Sep 29 16:18:54 UTC 2017

Hi all,

in October I will give a talk about how Free Software can help to
export wealth and knowledge to development country in order to empower

For this I'm looking for some good examples. In the past there was the
"One Laptop per Child" initiative. But I don't know how active they
are today, didn't heard a lot about it for a long time.

Then I remember a example where a small region wanted to have programs
translated to their native (traditional) language but because it was a
tiny market proprietary software vendors refused to provide translation
so they started using GNU/Linux where they could add the translation by
them self. I'm no longer sure about the region, I think it was
somewhere in Spain. Does someone here remember/know it?

Do you have any other examples where Free Software was used in
education or economy to grow a region/country?


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