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Jens Lechtenboerger jens.lechtenboerger at
Tue Sep 26 16:14:05 UTC 2017

Hi there,

if you frequently give presentations, this may be for you; in
particular, if you use Org mode in GNU Emacs.  In a nutshell, this
is an advertisement for free software, called emacs-reveal, to
generate HTML presentations (with audio if you wish) from simple
plain text files, separating layout from content and allowing
collaboration with Git.  I use that to generate Open Educational
Resources for lectures.

Technically, presentations are written down in Org format [1].  The
recommended editor to do so is, of course, Emacs.  In theory, you
could use other editors because HTML presentations are generated
from Org files, and you are free to use my infrastructure on GitLab
(which, under the hood, is based on a Docker image containing Emacs
and other necessary software).

I created a Howto explaining the use of the software based on a
simple presentation [2].  The Org file of that Howto is translated
into an HTML presentation whenever changes occur.  The resulting
presentation is then published as so-called GitLab Page [3].

A sample (in fact, first and, so far, only) course is available on
GitLab, where you can inspect the Org files in the main directory [4].

I created emacs-reveal to address the following requirements:
- Self-contained presentations embedding audio, usable on lots of
  (including mobile and offline) devices with free software
- Separation of layout and content for ease of creation
- Text format for diff and merge for ease of collaboration

I hope this to be useful for somebody else’s talks or teaching as
well.  Feedback is highly appreciated.

Best wishes


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