Is lack of software freedom a valid reason for refusal?

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On 22/09/17 21:24, Jonas Oberg wrote:
> Hi,
>> So the unemployment office would eventually resort to
>> offering you one of those
> I think it's important to differentiate between on the one hand the ethical question, and on the other hand the practical question of how unemployment benefits would vary.
> The latter would be different between countries, and individuals (some may have additional unemployment benefits privately, through their unions or similar).
> So I'm not sure how useful it is to compare :-)
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I think one of the points that is made here,  is that change comes from
within,  sure you can apply for a job where the company is using
non-free software.  Once in you can suggest change and ideas.  A new
tool chain or how they can benefit from releasing software under a gpl
or similar license, but still make money from support and with help from
the fsfe cite some good examples of who has made a success from doing that.

It could be that the reason there is no Linux version is that there is
no one to help develop it,  which you could end up as project lead.


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