Is lack of software freedom a valid reason for refusal?

Carsten Agger agger at
Fri Sep 22 05:12:34 UTC 2017

I imagine a number of situations:

* Suppose I'm unemployed and dedicated to only using free software - I'm
offered a job where I'll have to use Windows and Microsoft Word. If I
refuse the job because of software freedom. Can I still be claim
unemployment benefit?

* I'm an unemployed programmer and get offered at job where I have to
*write* proprietary software - I refuse because I won't participate in
taking users' freedom. Can I still be claim unemployment benefit?

* I want to park my car in the city, but it's only possible to pay by
downloading one of two proprietary apps (real-world situation in
Copenhagen) on my smartphone. Can I refuse to pay an eventual fine on
the grounds that I couldn't pay?

... etc.

I think the ideal must be for the lack of software freedom to *always*
be accepted as a valid reason to refuse a given piece of software, but
pragmatically, it may not always be possible (especially, many people
like to have jobs and may prioritize that above not using/writing
proprietry software).

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