FSFE launches a new campaign today: Public Money? Public Code!

Erik Albers eal at fsfe.org
Wed Sep 13 13:58:23 UTC 2017

Dear list,

some news portals already picked it up and every FSFE supporter received a
message about it in his inbox: today in the morning we launched a new campaign
"Public Money Public Code".

For the campaign we published an open letter [1] together with 31
organisations in which we call for lawmakers to make it mandatory to publish
all publicly financed software under a Free Software licence. Among the
initial signatories are CCC, EDRi, KDE, Open Knowledge Foundation Germany,
openSUSE, Open Source Business Alliance, Open Source Initiative, The Document
Foundation, Wikimedia Deutschland, as well as several others.

Prominent support we also got from Edward Snowden, who says: "Right now, the
blueprints for much of our most critical public infrastructure are simply
unavailable to the public. By aligning public funding with a Free Software
requirement -- "Free" referring to public code availability, not cost -- we
can find and fix flaws before they are used to turn the lights out in the next

You find the whole press-release here:

Now it is up to you! Please help and join us by signing this letter and ask
your friends and colleagues to do likewise:


Why is this important? Public institutions spend millions of euros every year
for the development of new software for them. But the public sector's
procurement choices play a significant role in determining which companies are
allowed to compete and what software is supported with taxpayers' money. This
means, that changing policies in public procurement will have a huge positive
impact on the Free Software community.

The open letter will be sent to candidates for the current German Parliament
election and, during the coming months, until the 2019 EU parliament
elections, to other representatives of the EU and EU member states.

Since it is our public money, it should be our public code as well!

This mail can and shall be copied and forwarded.

Best regards,

[1] https://publiccode.eu/openletter/

No one shall ever be forced to use non-free software
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