FSFE in Outreachy?

Alessandro Rubini rubini at gnudd.com
Tue Sep 5 08:31:20 UTC 2017

Carmen Bianca:
>> You are saying that some people deserve
>> your sympathy and support, and other people do not deserve your sympathy
>> and support, by mere virtue of how they were born.  I care for
>> _everybody's_ equality and freedom.  Surely, I hope, that's a good
>> thing.

Seconded. Thanks a lot for raising this point of view.

> I think it's not. What you are saying is that you care equally and
> sympathize with both the oppressor and the victim on a given situation.

You are right in disagreeing in an oppressor/victim setup. But I don't
think we white males are oppressors in this context. It's a fact that
most CS people is male (and maybe white, but maybe not) and this must
be fixed, because it's the result of some social prejudice.  But I
don't think reverse-prejudice is usually the proper way to solve it.

Sure my female students used to be the best in the class, but most
likely just because only the best survived the social selection.
Should I favor female over male within the good students? I don't
think so.

/alessandro, in the darker half of white males, which turns "funny" at times

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