Is it acceptable to use proprietary software (platforms) to promote software freedom?

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On 01/09/17 08:20, Stephane Ascoet wrote:
> Le 23/07/2017 à 12:02, Theo Schmidt a écrit : >> >> There is a fundamental difference between proprietary platforms
with >> their own proprietary protocols used quasi-publicly (like
Facebook) and >> proprietary platforms usable with public (FOSS)
protocols, like Gmail, >> and Email or "WWW", etc. in general. As a
non-Gmail-user, I can still >> read from and write to a Gmail account.
As a non-Facebook-user, I can >> read some Facebook content, but not
write to it. This leads to >> discrimination when quasi-public
organisations use Facebook. E.g. Swiss >> television and radio (a
so-called public service) no longer uses open >> email addresses or even
specific web-forms > > Hi, yes you're absolutely right and in france
this is more and more a problem and will continue to, especially with
our new president. And I add to this the need to have a computer-phone
for more and more things too, while public services are closing:
Documentations printed on paper(transport schedules...), phone booths,
human desks in postal service, transport services, etc. > > Living in
this world become more and more difficult, I don't how and how long I
will succeed in survive in it.
Indeed some services are nearly all Facebook   so unless you're on
facebook you can't access those services so it seems they are forcing
people to use Facebook,  so everyone is then assimilated to that system.

There is an assumption you are on Facebook or want to use / be on
Facebook,   i am not to sure what is worse out of those two.

What would happen if we signed up to Facebook using say a protonmail
account and bound a diaspora account to it,  that way you can write to
Facebook without directly logging in,  with a very minimal profile it
becomes much harder to figure out who you really are,

we could have a sort of reverse more information thing where people have which is a short cut to a facebook article we could have one that
points to diaspora for more information,

I am looking at putting together a series of tutorials or documents that
cover basic computer usage,   hopefully in line with the UK functional
skills syllabus.  Using free software rather than MS office (use
libreoffivce),  I think it is also feasible to get people to do the
codecademy SQL course, for the database section,   codecademy also has
other learning materials (HTML/CSS etc),  for other aspects of the course,.

Granted this kind of goes back to free vs proprietary  systems,  but
there is also a question of re-inventing the wheel,   why reproduce
online learning people,  we could direct people to kahn academy and edx too.

I think what would be important is to emphasize the fact that the
vocabulary is the same, regardless of what you use,  so bold is the same
in html <b></b>  or latex /texfbf{bold text}  or using office software
or even markdown.


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