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> Dear friends,
> this is my translated answer in the FSFde and FreiFunk-talk list in german.

I only have a short comment for now:
1. our initial invitation forgot to point out in a better way that we
(GNUnet) did not come up with the term 'NGI'.
2. This is a GNUnet invitation. I have no idea why you keep pulling
infotropique (all small letters) in, which is related but not GNUnet

> My proposal for the InterNet, "the Inter-connection of local net-works", I
> also gave the people of the EU Surfey program "The Next Generation
> Internet". Clearly, with such a proposal are these people, who are only
> oriented in private/state structures and to hanle the telecommunication as a
> capitalizable object, completely overstrained.
> We should always go back to the starting point. The Internet is only a
> transport system for digital data in packat form. Everything else is based
> on the application level. And to the transport system belongs the routing,
> the navigation, and the error check. We want, that the packats arrive the
> destination as we sent them.
> I can gladly give you my proposal, which is well-known in the FreiFunk
> environment and in some FSF lists. Whether I can be in Berlin is still open.
> My basic approach is that people organize the telecommunication themselves
> in their local communities, from small to large. Private and governmental
> instances emerge from the outset. And only in this way is the
> telecommunication from the monetary system, but this is imperative.
> My basic approach is that the people organize the telecommunication
> themselves from their local communities, from small to large. Private and
> governmental instances are not needed and are superfluous. And only on this
> way is the telecommunication removable from the money system, a basic
> necessity.
> with many greetings, willi
> Asuncion, Paraguay
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> To whom it may concern beyond just being affected...
> the Internet is so broken, even the European Parliament passes
> resolutions against it[0] while the European Commission fosters
> the exploration of better solutions[1]. Some of us have been
> working on a new Internet all along and continue to do so.
> We would like to invite you after 34C3, to Berlin, to discuss
> and hack Next Generation Internet technologies. The kind that
> actually replace parts of the existing Internet, not just adds
> complexity to it.
>     Start: Friday, 5th of January, 2018
>       End: Sunday, 7th of January, 2018
>  Location: Onionspace, Gottschedstra├če 4, Aufgang 4, 13347 Berlin
> We're roughly a dozen coders, working on one such solution.
> With a social interaction layer on top of GNUnet[2] -
> called secushare[3] - we want to continue our efforts on
> developing a basic communication technology for a better
> democratic society in which people be free to communicate,
> share information, participate in social discourse, and be
> empowered to establish structures through digital means
> to organize themselves and renew the idea of democracy.
> A truly social network, resistant against manipulation
> by DarkAds[4] and political dashboard optimization (see
> Facebook's Malvinas affair[5]) is becoming a precondition
> for reasonable election results.
> Some updates on what we have been doing lately:
>   * Debugging of GNUnet sevices, e.g. multicast, psyc, social (all)
>   * UI design for secushare (all)
>   * Improved documentation (Drupal to Tex to Texinfo conversion and cleanup,
> etc) (WIP by ng0)
>   * Improving the documentation (this involved Drupal to Tex to Texinfo
> conversion and applying fixes and changes to it) (by ng0)
>   * Rust bindings for GNUnet (WIP by lurchi, t3sserakt)   * Refactoring the
> GNUnet scheduler for use with epoll / foreign language bindings (WIP by
> lurchi, t3sserakt)
>   * Continuous integration and deployment infrastructure, with E2E tests
> (WIP by dvn)
>   * Guix packaging (WIP by ng0)
>   * GNUnet integration into GuixSD (WIP by ng0)
>   * A new GNUnet website (coming up, moving away from Drupal)
>  At our New Year meeting, we'd like to talk about some
> social, technical and infrastructural topics:     * Where we are with
> secushare, and what's next
>   * Our role in the European Commission's Next Generation Internet
>   * The use of a deteministic debugger to get the annoying bugs removed.[7]
>   * Better guidance for interested people to join the GNUnet community.
>   * AGPL Licensing - Will it save us?
>   * CI/CD for GNUnet, and adjacent projects
>   * Fixing gnunet-fs
>   * infotropique[8] OS - a GuixSD based OS interwoven[9] with GNUnet
> Again, we welcome you to Berlin. If you need a place to stay
> just get in touch, we will find something cheap and hospitable.
> For those already around on New Year's Eve, we want to party away the bad
> vibes of 2017, embrace the shapes of things to come with good music, drinks,
> food, and nice people. So if you are interested, you can already join us
> earlier, or meet us in smaller groups during the whole week.
> 'Til then, Happy hacking!
> los secushare peoples.
>   xrs, dvn, lurchi, lynX, t3sserakt, ng0...
> [0]
> [1]
> [2]
> [3] http://secushare.cheettyiapsyciew.onion or just
> [4]
> [5]
> [7] [8]
> [9]
> -- 
> ng0
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