Free software glorifying music - libretto wanted

Benjamin Wand benjamin.wand at
Wed Oct 18 17:26:28 UTC 2017


At SHA we had a choir that performed a choir version of the Free Software Song that I had arranged [1] and that was a lot of fun but of course, as a nerd (= person who pursues complex things with great professional sincerity), I keep looking for ways to improve. I’d like to do a choir again at 34C3, with a piece that is more suitable to unfold the magic that can unfold when singing with a choir because the singers can listen to each other, and that it is also more interesting musically. (The problem with The Free Software Song is the speed and the odd time signature, all I could do when conducting was trying to prevent fuck-up.)

Now I’m looking for a libretto (= song text). Since it is about believe (in a better world with free software or something like that), I’m considering it something like church music and would write accordingly solemnly. So please, if someone has a text for me, that would be great.



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