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I promised to pass this on, but was probably going to ask on this list whether 
anyone was aware of it. I went to FSCONS a whole five years ago and met quite 
a few FSFE people, but I think it hasn't been as popular amongst FSFE people 
in recent years.



FSCONS: The Free Society Conference
November 4-5, Oslo, Norway

A meeting place for social change, focused on the intersection between 
technology, culture and society. The conference brings together people from a 
wide range of fields, and merges the technical with the social, seeking both 
to activate and challenge. Your input in open discussion and brainstorming are 
as important as the talks given during the conference.

Here are some highlights of the awesome schedule we are excited to share with 


Linda Sandvik @hyper_linda, Code Club co-founder, part of the Brexodus.

Linda likes solving problems that make the world a better place and has a 
passion for open data, open knowledge, citizen science and serious games. Come 
to her talk, and discover your natural affinity for teaching yourself new 

Vladan Joler @TheCreaturesLab and Share Lab

Vladan and his Share Labs have mapped the power relations of Facebook CEOs, 
metadata explorations into browsing histories, quantifying political 
information warfare and creating stunning and insightful infographics of this 
data-driven research at https://labs.rs/

Meet Linda and Vladan at FSCONS, get your ticket today at 

Speaker highlights:

Jérémie Zimmermann, La Quadrature du Net online freedom organization, will 
speak about Hacking With Care, a collective composed of hackers-activists, 
caregivers, artists, sociologist, growing quite literally by contact and 

Bradley Kuhn, free software activist, president of the Software Freedom 
Conservancy, on the Board of Directors of the Free Software Foundation, editor 
in chief of copyleft.org, will explain how the basis of free software and free 
culture licensing is crumbling.

Øyvind Kolås @hodefoting pippin, award-winning creator of digital media tools, 
GIMP/GEGL developer, digital artist. Learn how to create minimal graphical 
operating environments with Øyvind.

Vinay Gupta, @hexayurt, re.silience security in critical infrastructure, 
Ethereum release coordinator. Have you ever wondered how user interface shapes 
human identity?

Patricia Aas, @pati_gallardo, Vivaldi browser programmer & security noob, fell 
involuntarily into the media searchlights by asking some hard questions on the 
lack of transparency in the recent Norwegian goverment electronic vote. You 
can hear her story at FSCONS.

Patrice Riemens, cultural/Internet activist, 'FLOSSopher', advocate of Free 
Software, staff member of autonomist journal Multitudes, and member of the 
Dutch hackers club 'Hippies from Hell'. Cryptocurrency meets Universal Basic 
Income: Is this a good idea?

FSCONS also has 20 other speakers speaking on diverse topics ranging from 
digital activism and internet censorship to digital art and hacking.

We also have four hands-on workshops where you can learn video editing, 
lockpicking, how to make peer-to-peer applications and how to hack with care.

This is an intimate conference where you have an opportunity to have a 
discussion with speakers and other attendees.

FSCONS aims to be an accessible conference, and through the support of Fritt 
Ord and NUUG Foundation is able to offer tickets at the low price of 750NOK 
(about 80€)

Get your FSCONS ticket today at

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