Good examples where Free Software was used in development countries

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> in October I will give a talk about how Free Software can help to
> export wealth and knowledge to development country in order to empower
> them.
> For this I'm looking for some good examples. In the past there was the
> "One Laptop per Child" initiative. But I don't know how active they
> are today, didn't heard a lot about it for a long time.
> Then I remember a example where a small region wanted to have programs
> translated to their native (traditional) language but because it was a
> tiny market proprietary software vendors refused to provide translation
> so they started using GNU/Linux where they could add the translation by
> them self. I'm no longer sure about the region, I think it was
> somewhere in Spain. Does someone here remember/know it?
> Do you have any other examples where Free Software was used in
> education or economy to grow a region/country?

SageDebianLive, a self-replicating, DebianLive-based USB key, shipping
SageMath (the Sage mathematics software), and a lot more free software

- website

- paper

  Thierry Monteil
  Spreading huge free software without internet connection, via
self-replicating USB keys
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