"joining" the FSFE

Andrea Di Dato a.didato at na.astro.it
Mon Oct 2 08:53:27 UTC 2017

Il 02/10/2017 10:13, Daniel Pocock ha scritto:
> Hi all,
> Whenever I'm discussing FSFE with people at an event, somebody
> inevitably asks me about the joining process or what it means to be an
> FSFE member.
> There has actually been some ambiguity about this.  The main page of the
> web site has a "Join the FSFE" button, it is very prominent.
> It links to a page where "join" is in the URL:
> https://fsfe.org/fellowship/ams/join.php?ams=join
> and the title says "Join the FSFE"
> Anybody who has ever joined any other organization before is going to
> assume that after following these links and completing the form they are
> an equal member of the organization.

Hi Daniel,

thank you for this post and thank you very much for the work you are
doing to bring FSFE-fellowsip to emerge and be comparable with other
european clubs/associations/fundations/etc. entity!

It taken few years for me to understand that clicking on that button and
*paying* e regular _fee_, in the end, I was not e regular voting member
how would I be in an Italian association.
I admit, I don't know German laws that regulate this kind of "people
aggregation" entity, but a more clear explanation by FSFE would be valuable!

> Proposed motion:
> The GA recognizes that the widespread use of the word "Join" on the FSFE
> web site may have caused many fellows and volunteers to believe their
> payment made them a member of the incorporated association.  The GA
> resolves that a notice should be published on the web site clarifying
> the situation, the notice should be sent to everybody who completed the
> form to "Join the FSFE" and any future communication, through the web
> site or other marketing materials should make it unambiguous whether
> people are being solicited to join the incorporated association,
> volunteer their time or become a financial supporter and also making
> them aware of the alternative roles they can have in the organization.

I definitely support your motion!

My best,

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