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Max Mehl max.mehl at fsfe.org
Thu Nov 30 10:03:28 UTC 2017

Hi Timothy,

# Timothy Pearson [2017-11-29 20:25 +0100]:
> Yes, I agree.  The question is, in a society where any new features /
> ways of doing things are expected at no cost or well below the real cost
> of creating things, how does society as a whole move away from the
> resultant need to "monetise" the resulting products in unethical ways?

No answer to your question but some additional thoughts:

If you were talking only about web services, I'd understand. But in
other areas technical products sometimes are obviously overpriced and
people seem to tolerate, understand and/or even respect that. Examples:
Apple products or some popular proprietary software like MS Office or
Adobe stuff.

The only difference to the "no-cost" web services like social networks
is that they are paid by the users' data and privacy – hard to quantify
but I'd say this is overpriced, too.


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