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On 11/29/2017 11:16 AM, Florian Snow wrote:
> Hi,
> Timothy Pearson <tpearson at raptorengineering.com> writes:
>> Giving up privacy and control to waste time in front of a *game*.
> I agree with you that freedom is more important than games.  But in the
> long run, we need to find other solutions than telling people not to use
> things.  Phones are bad because they all come with proprietary blobs, so
> don't use them.  New technology:  Often bad, better wait till it's old
> and better understood.  Online services that you don't host yourself: Bad,
> dont' use them.  Games: Usually bad, don't use them.  I understand that
> freedom is important but to most people, giving up games they really
> enjoy is also giving up some of their freedom and people who use
> services other people host also feel increased freedom because they can
> spend their time doing something other than managing a server.  So what
> I'm saying is that we need to be careful not to tell people we want them
> to lead a live of deprivation.
> Happy hacking!
> Florian

Yes, I agree.  The question is, in a society where any new features /
ways of doing things are expected at no cost or well below the real cost
of creating things, how does society as a whole move away from the
resultant need to "monetise" the resulting products in unethical ways?

I guess this is really a variation on the age-old practice of "loss
leaders", but taken to such an extreme that it's now expected of every
tech product.  Combined with 120+ year copyright it's rather hard to
come up with a solution other than to just not use the unethical
products in the first place, sadly.

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