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Wed Nov 29 09:23:30 UTC 2017

Dear Jann,

* Jann KRUSE [2017-11-28 21:23:54 +0000]:

>Update: Have been exploited...
>(And you wouldn't even realize it!)

as you correctly pointed out below, the real problem is not unintentional
occurrence of exploitable bugs: this is normal on all OSs and can be
addressed (with various level of difficulty, **very** hardly in this case)

«To root, or not to root, that is the question:»
who have root access to the hyper-hyper-visor?

this soon leads to the following questions:

1 is root access documented anywhere on earth?
2 how can I manage the root password in order to be compliant with national
mandatory security regulations? [1]

mumble, mumble...


>In short:
>We are essentially being forced, without even being told, to run buggy
>proprietary code in a very powerful and very capable hyper-hyper-visori

very nice executive ultra-summary thanks! :-)


[1] https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyber-security_regulation
there are a **lot** of mandatory regulations considering password management
_vital_ to the security of IT infrastructure

Giovanni Biscuolo
Xelera - IT infrastructures

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