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On 11/28/2017 04:47 PM, White_Rabbit wrote:
> Il 28 novembre 2017 22:33:06 CET, Timothy Pearson <tpearson at raptorengineering.com> ha scritto:
>> […]  Think about that: *games*.  Giving
>> up
>> privacy and control to waste time in front of a *game*.  […]
> (I'm sorry, I know this is not a reasonable use of the list)
> You've never played "Metal Gear Solid", have you? I might have drunk the koolaid, but I really believe videogames can be a revolutionary medium of expression, much like books, paintings, sculptures, movies, comics...
> To dismiss them like you did, if it's not hyperbole, is wrong.
> I value freedom more than videogames, but they can be much more than you make them sound.

Oh, I agree they are a valuable artistic medium, and I have a few myself
that I greatly enjoy.  However, not only do I disagree with the onerous
EULA for many of the larger titles, but I strongly object to the game
copyright extending beyond 20 years or so, especially when the
manufacturer won't update or sell the game any more after only a year or
two post release.

I only object to people giving up their privacy, control, etc. over
other aspects of their life because the game is considered more
important.  That is the wrong attitude; the game may be valuable, but is
it really more valuable than anything the individual might ever create
(or want to create) using a computer?

Locked-down x86 boxes are practically a dime a dozen; gaming can be
easily done on one of those while real work is done elsewhere.  But
trying to get people to understand this has yielded unexpected
resistance, largely due to the costs of then having to maintain two
separate computers.  I really don't know what to do to fix this, as I
don't think it *can* be fixed given the issues of the x86 platform.

Personally, I keep all of the DRM boxes separate and isolated.  Amazon
streaming goes through a dedicated "garbage" PC that never sees any
personal data, etc.  No idea if others are willing adopt this model or
will just surrender the last shreds of their personal life to keep up
with games and streaming video...

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