OFFLIST - Re: psychotic disorders of (few) web market operators and, privacy less valued than pizza

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Sun Nov 26 19:17:55 UTC 2017


* Mat Witts [2017-11-26 11:34:23 +0000]:


>I think the reasons available for bad
>behavior are already overdetermined by the characteristics of markets
>more generally,

I _suspect_ that when talking with policy makers they need to be persuaded
*also* using interesting studies like the Freedom to Tinker one _and_ the
"pizza effect" one

in particular, as I wrote, I'm really curious to see if and how GDPR will be
able to protect users "from themselves"

>and the ethical limitations of market-led policies and
>incentives I hope do not need to be rehearsed in a forum connected to
>discussing (among other things) the benefits of free software?

ehrm... I *fear* we need a _constant_ reharshal of this kind of discussion
because the phenomenology of "private computing agency" is complex and every
new "discovery" may help understand it

I personally know free software supporters (I'm not talking specifically of
FSFE supporters) who do not understand the dangers of proprietary


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