psychotic disorders of (few) web market operators and, privacy less valued than pizza

Mat Witts admin at
Sun Nov 26 11:34:23 UTC 2017


> I just discovered this study from "Freedom to tinker" [1] that clearly
shows clinic evidence of psychotic disorders by few web market operators

I think the article referenced may be this:

...and although there are references made to individual health data in
the article, I can't see any evidence that would suggest any 'clinical
evidence of psychotic disorders', not least because I would suggest 'web
market operators' are not the kinds of entities that are capable of
having 'minds' from any clinical perspective that I am aware of. Legal
personality, yes, but clinical personalities, i think: "no".

> I do not think it's appropriate to speculate on the mental health of
people you politically disagree with.

Well, personal tastes, moral judgments and potential for expensive
litigation aside, from a professional and methodological perspective, if
we are at all interested in producing useful explanations about the
behavior of market actors, I think the reasons available for bad
behavior are already overdetermined by the characteristics of markets
more generally, and the ethical limitations of market-led policies and
incentives I hope do not need to be rehearsed in a forum connected to
discussing (among other things) the benefits of free software?

/ mat


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