Free software and open source philosophies differ, sometimes with radically different outcomes

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Wed Nov 22 16:56:37 UTC 2017

* Adonay Felipe Nogueira [2017-11-22 11:24:30 -0200]:


>Alessandro Rubini made an interesting point: market dominance isn't
>addressed with free/libre software philosophy (nor with its

ehrm: Rubini did *not* said that

>2017-11-22T12:37:50+0100 Alessandro Rubini wrote:


>> As for being pro-business, it doesn't mean being pro-monopolists or
>> pro-corporations or pro-capitalist.


pro-business != pro-domination  ?!? :-)


>> If you are
>> anti-business, you fall into "free for non-commercial use",


and now let's pray together: Saint'IGNUtius, ora pro nobis... :-D


>> Trying to stay out of the market is self-destructive

cannot be self-destructive because it's **impossible** from a philosophy of
economy point of view: the market reaches you anywhere you can hide :-D

to be clear: no one could even *imagine* that someone can stay out of the
market, at the same time no one can even *imagine* the market does not
change in history (at least to find an equilibrium)

we are here to _shape_ the software market of the coming future, aren't we?


P.S.: OK I'll rest at least for a couple of days, I swear! :-)

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