Free software and open source philosophies differ, sometimes with radically different outcomes

Alessandro Rubini rubini at
Wed Nov 22 11:37:50 UTC 2017

> This thread is very interesting and it seems that a new discourse is 
> developed by FSFE representatives, that is not so much shared by many 
> people on this list.

Those who disagree are more vocal than those who agree. Always.

FWIW, I agree (and, yes, I am a member of FSFE). And I chose to keep silent
becuase saying "+1" is just needless noise.

As for being pro-business, it doesn't mean being pro-monopolists or
pro-corporations or pro-capitalist.  In my case I am pro-business ("as
a valid exercise of individual freedom too") exactly because only
doing business (keeping code and information available) can limit the
damages of our monopolistic technological environment.  If you are
anti-business, you fall into "free for non-commercial use", which was
never considered FS, BTW.

Trying to stay out of the market is self-destructive, in my opinion.
I sometimes do as a personal choice, in some environments or about
some vendors, but I avoid promoting it as a solution for the evil of
the world. If you do so, you bring all of your ideas (including the
good ones) to be discarded with laugh and despise.


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