Free software and open source philosophies differ sometimes with radically different outcomes

Paul Boddie paul at
Tue Nov 21 15:05:13 UTC 2017

On Tuesday 21. November 2017 14.57.15 Giovanni Biscuolo wrote:
> * Paul Boddie [2017-11-18 14:54:52 +0100]:
> >One of those people even went on the record recently to boast that he
> >had used
> >his influence to eliminate his employer's financial support for one of the
> >few organisations who can be bothered to pursue Free Software licence
> >violations
> I don't know what you are talking about: please could you point me to
> the relevant news (a simple URL will do the job)


I already blogged about the "long email conversation that happened in 2016":

In fact, that whole blog article covers the difference in "style" between 
various parties when it comes to Free Software licence violations, in case my 
remarks needed more context.


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