Free software and open source philosophies differ sometimes with radically different outcomes

Stefan Umit Uygur ostendali at
Tue Nov 21 11:16:05 UTC 2017

Totally with you on this Jonas, absolutely.

I am not a big fan of pedantic personalities who actually sticks with the
meaning of each words mentioned by others, words like socialism,
totalitarianism, liberalism, neo-liberalism, politics, etc. it is all the
same crap to me and plus we are going off topic...I simply don't see the
utility of this as it doesn't help.

All I expected here a contribution into this topic by everyone and not the
lecturing of literature and meaning of words used by someone (accidentally
because is not where the focus and topic is about to) because, a pro-active
person will catch the real meaning and the context anyway.

Perhaps my expectation are to high...

On Tue, Nov 21, 2017 at 9:01 AM, Jonas Oberg <jonas at> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> occasionally, people in our community make mistakes. I do too, and in
> this case, I spoke (or wrote) a bit hastily:
> > I have no patience for socialism and I've never voted for the right.
> These are strong words which I should not have put out there. The point
> which I tried to make with them was well contained in the rest of the
> mail: there are people, with strong opinions, from across the entire
> political spectrum, and whether someone talks about Free Software or
> Open Source is not a good indicator of where on this political spectrum
> they fall.
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