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> That's quite short for a workshop.  What will they be doing, and how
> many of them will attend?
It will be a workshop for a small group - not more than 12.

> The angle of using Free Software as a self-study tool is good :) I am
> not quite sure how you could fit a proper explanation of Free Software
> into that hour and also use it to teach them about software engineering,
> though.  I feel like it might be a disservice to either topic if one
> impeded too much on the time of the other.
Yes. I think that I just need to stress on ability to get access to the
FOSS source code and play with it.  And supply them with a proper links for
the further reading.
And as it will not be my only visit to this school, they will always have
an opportunity to talk with me directly.

An objective of this session is to really introduce the profession to them.
So, that the teens who are interested could continue with further, more
in-depth questions and activities.
By the way, are you aware about any FOSS-specific communities, projects,
initiatives which can be not only interesting for this age group but to
which the teens can contribute?

I thought about drone-related projects but it might be too complicated for
the real beginners...

> - Liking video games is NOT a valid reason to study software
>   engineering, and being a video game developer is a stressful,
>   oversaturated, underpaid job.
> - You do not need to be good at maths to be a decent software engineer.
>   Being able to communicate (write) clearly and unambiguously is a much
>   better asset for a software engineer, as this is exactly what coding
>   is.  If you can write an accurate tutorial that describes how to boil
>   an egg that includes all the steps required (even the often-overlooked
>   ones!) in such a way that anybody can understand it effortlessly, and
>   can follow those steps without having to do any additional thinking of
>   their own, then you possess THE vital skill for programming.
Very good points, thank you!

WBR & WBW, Vitaly
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