Free software and open source philosophies differ sometimes with radically different outcomes

Jonas Oberg jonas at
Fri Nov 17 15:50:25 UTC 2017

Hi everyone,

in this discussion, as has been pointed out before, it's useful if people
please remember this article, which is the comparison the FSFE points
to officially when people ask:

I quote a relevant part:

> The Free Software movement is a large and diverse community.
> People have different interests in Free Software and different
> reasons to participate. But these differences don't necessarily
> connect with the terms they use. A lot of people use the term
> Open Source even while highlighting the social and political
> dimension of Free Software while on the other hand there are
> people in our community who prefer the term Free Software but
> concentrate more on the practical benefits. Whether someone says
> Open Source or Free Software isn't necessarily an indication of
> their motivation. 

So please, no grouping of people based on what terminology they
use. It is divisive and unnecessary.


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