Free software and open source philosophies differ sometimes with radically different outcomes

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Finally, thanks Mirko, totally with you on this. Didn't read your comments
before l replied to JB.

Well said in simple words.

On 17 Nov 2017 2:31 am, "Mirko Boehm" <mirko at> wrote:

> Hi,
> I wanted to stay out of this discussion because I cannot believe that we
> are even having it, but it is difficult :-)
> On 17. Nov 2017, at 09:13, J.B. Nicholson <jbn at> wrote:
> I rather see them one depending on another, meaning without Free
> Software I doubt that the Open Source Software would have existed but
> not vice versa and that clears almost everything.
> That is self-contradictory but begins to get into why the open source
> development methodology and philosophy exists. In short, open source is (as
> Stallman has pointed out) a right-wing reactionary counter to the free
> software movement. The free software social movement existed for over a
> decade before open source came along. Open source enthusiasts continue to
> try to talk about the practical benefits of free software to business
> without talking about the software freedom or the ethical underpinnings of
> the social movement.
> Just because RMS said something does not mean it is true. He also once
> recommended that hackers should make sure their girlfriends loose their
> Emacs virginity. Not advice I would suggest to follow.
> Open source is not right wing, and free software is not left wing. Pretty
> much everybody I know understands the duality of the practical benefits and
> the ethical underpinnings. Because without the practical benefits, the
> ethical underpinnings don’t exist either, right? It is just that to some
> people, one matters more than the other. Even the classic that the free
> software movement existed before open source is just smoke and mirrors,
> because the “movement" staid the same. It is just that people started
> inventing new terms for the same things to create a them-vs-us
> chasm. Judean People's Front vs People's Front of Judea, of sort. All we
> discuss here is nomenclature, not substance.
> There, I said it. I call it FLOSS in my presentations and studies because
> free software and open source refers to exactly the same commons body of
> knowledge that causes the ethical changes we want to see.
> Cheers,
> Mirko.
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