LWN article on Limux / WiMue and PMPC

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Thu Nov 16 17:36:30 UTC 2017

On Friday 10. November 2017 15.53.26 Matthias Kirschner wrote:
> As on Wednesday a committee in Munich decided to do the Windows Munich
> Migration Project (let's call that "WiMue" for short in future ;) ) I
> thought you might be interested in this LWN article about my talk on the
> migration in Munich, which I gave at the Open Source Summit in Prague.
>   https://lwn.net/SubscriberLink/737818/5b7cd538561e8a06/


> As always the comments on LWN are also interesting. I especially like
> this one:
>   "The title lured me into reading what I thought would be a religious
>   article or some kind of flamewar. But then I found myself reading all
>   this common sense. Very disappointed, I want my money back! :-)"

I left a comment as well:


Rather than focus on this particular situation in Munich, it discusses how the 
body of available Free Software work (focusing here on calendaring and 
groupware) may not convincingly offer obvious solutions to organisations, and 
it suggests why this might be happening and what might be done to rectify such 


P.S. The article is now freely viewable. I have previously seen people post 
subscriber links to mailing lists, usually with the explicit permission of the 
authors and editors. Indeed, I've seen the LWN staff post subscriber links to 
mailing lists themselves.

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